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OAM in Asia, Africa, & The Middle East


Osprey Asset Management (OAM) and its affiliate OAM Indonesia are security risk management companies that originated in Perth Australia in 1998, and in Jakarta Indonesia in 1999. OAM's corporate focus was initially on SE Asia but ultimately expanded into the Middle East, Africa and South Asia Areas of Operations (AOs). 


In 2016 OAM was restructured and relaunched as two affiliated and mutually supporting entities, OAM International (OAMI), and OAM Middle East (OAMME:, supported in SE Asia by OAM Indonesia.












In 2017, OAM International, OAMME and OAM Indonesia aligned with South East Asia Risk Management (SEARM:, based in Bangkok Thailand, in order to diversify corporate activities across the Indochina Peninsula and the broader SE Asia region, including Cambodia, Myanmar and Laos.

The focus of OAM International is AFRICA, ASIA and SOUTH AMERICA, with their dynamic and constantly evolving threat environments, in collaboration with OAMME, which continues to provide world's best security advisory services in the MIDDLE EAST.


Security support has been provided to individuals and multinationals with investments, interests and operations in NORTH AFRICA, across the SAHARA and the SAHEL region, throughout WEST AFRICA during times of civil conflict, in the jungles and forests of CENTRAL AFRICA, and throughout SOUTH ASIA, S-E ASIA and INDOCHINA 


The OAM entities have a strong reputation internationally for their professional approach to securing personnel and assets in areas of conflict, and where the security profile is classed as "high risk". Dangerous, physically remote and operationally challenging locations require a sound understanding of threat, and relevant experience in order to effectively service every client’s particular and specific needs.

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INDONESIA, Jakarta: Attack on Australian Embassy

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SE ASIA & INDOCHINA - the Emerging Regional Terrorist Threat

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Founder and Principal
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OAM PRINCIPAL  JOHN GARTNER (see Bio and Credentials) has an extensive military Special Forces, National Intelligence and commercial security management pedigree, built over a period of 4 decades spent "on the front-line", supplemented by a proven corporate track record in the development of successful international businesses within very competitive commercial environments .


He continues to work extensively throughout AFRICA, ASIA, and the MIDDLE EAST. His ability to recruit and deploy highly pedigreed security consultants with experience and skills commensurate to the challenges of the specific task is a direct consequence of his own hands-on professional track record. 


His professional philosophy has always been never to send staff to any task with which he is not familiar, and ONLY once he understands the true dynamics of that task: "TO LEAD FROM THE FRONT".

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