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Security Reviews 

OAM International and its affiliated entity OAMME ( provide in-depth, incisive and professionally researched security reviews, security reports and general briefing documents covering strategic developments in Africa, Asia, Indochina and the Middle East, where the risk of terrorism and transnational, cross-border crime over the past 10 years has increased, aggravated by the general deterioration in security across the regions.










OAM International's Founder and Principal John Gartner maintains a network of well informed and highly connected sources in Africa, Asia, Indochina and the Middle East. These sources provide penetrating insights, perceptive intelligence, and accurate up-to-date information, all of which contribute to the quality of the OAM reviews and reports.


     The world is a dangerous place, and as always, "Forewarned is Forearmed".                          

Iraq, vehicle attack, June 2004, contrac
The price of the battle against insurgency and terrorism
The international fight against terrorism continues
Nigeria Borno State 9 school destroyed.j

NIGERIA, Borno State

Libya Tripoli attack 1.jpg

LIBYA, Tripoli

Ivory Coast 2.jpg


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