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Services and Locations

SECURITY ADVISORY SERVICES: The OAM Principal and the OAM Group support a multitude of major, mid-tier and junior international companies (extraction of mineral resources including gold, copper, tin, iron ore, and oil/gas projects both onshore and offshore) with activities which range from escorting small geological exploration teams travelling to remote hostile environments, supporting technical and drilling teams operating across Africa and Asia, to the deployment of highly qualified consultants to well established mining camps and major mining projects internationally.





VIP PROTECTION: The OAM Principals and OAM consultants provide close personal protection (CPP) services to high profile and ultra-wealthy international identities, in addition to protecting and advising senior political and commercial identities worldwide.



CONFIDENTIALITY: OAM maintains and respects the confidentiality of every client. OAM is employed through word of mouth recommendation by valued clients, based on the quality of the service provided, the depth of OAM's strategic knowledge and understanding of the diverse regions in which OAM's clients operate, and the superior pedigree and qualifications of the Tier-1 consultants that OAM deploys to task.

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The MIDDLE EAST and GULF region


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IRAQ, Baghdad, Green Zone, OAMME HQ-Iraq                                              2004-2009

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Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq


(المفوضية العليا المستقلة للانتخابات)

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